WNYRSEF Liaison Help Wanted!

The fall is fast approaching and school is just around the corner.  As is the planning for the Western New York Regional Science and Engineering Fair (WNYRSEF).  This year there is a need for volunteers. One of the positions is a liaison for STANYS and the winning STANYS students from the local science fair WNYRSEF.  It entails assisting the students with the STANYS Award Dinner and the State STANYS Science Fair. The local fair is in March, the dinner in May and the State fair in June. 


Western New York Regional Science and Engineering Fair 

Liaison Job Description

Job Description

The task involves providing a smooth transition for student winners of the WNYRSEF to the STANYS State science fair as well as coordinating the attendance of students to the STANYS Award Dinner where the student will be honored and given an opportunity to give a brief description of their research.   An additional task is to notify the local STANYS section of the outcome of the state event.

Contact Treasurer on the number of participants attending the State Fair and the STANYS Award Dinner

In January:

1) Go onto the www.STANYS.org  website and familiarize yourself with the information regarding the Science Congress documents.  Select the “STUDENT” drop down box and select: Science Congress.

2)  Read the  NYSSC Dear Section Chair and Science Congress Director (pdf) - General letter to individuals running local science fairs.

3) Print out the edited letter from the Chairman of the Western Section STANYS.  Verify the letterhead and current chairperson. See www.westernstanys.com   Select “contact us” to view current chair and board members

4) Organize a packet of information for the State winners.

Included in packet is:  Letter from the STANYS Section Chair, Flyer about the Award Dinner, Letter from the STANYS State director, Memo about registering on line, letter from the WNYRSEF about the reimbursement of fees, and letter from the WNYSC, Inc regarding the $50.00 voucher.  


1) Verify the dates for the STANYS Award Dinner and State Fair.   Contact STANYS Section Chair (Tim Coughlin 2020) and State Fair Director (Peter Plumley 2020)

2)  Run off copies of the letters for the student packets. Design the cover sheet for the packet.

Cover sheet needs phone numbers, email address and parent’s names of the student winners.  Have winning students complete the form prior to leaving the WNYRSEF. You will need to contact them 7 days after the event.


Day of Event

1) Jointly select the STANYS State Winners with the Executive Director

Winners are based upon top scores in both divisions.  Number of winners is based upon # of registered students at local fair.   There is talk about changing the method for determine the number qualified winners in 2020.


After the Event   Contact Student Winners

1)  One week after event, contact each student via phone to inform them of 5 vital pieces of information. Congratulate them!

a) Decision on attending the State Fair - on June ?

b) Letter of Intent is explained about reimbursement.  Need them to send signed letter and mail to Treasurer.

c) Request decision on attending STANYS Dinner.  Explain that they will be asked to describe their project (Abstract is sufficient, 5 minutes tops).  They are to call the name on dinner flyer to make reservation.  Student is free. Guests are $35/ person.

d) Complete the registration on-line by  Deadline is ????

e) Explain the $50 voucher for expenses, need original receipt, no taxes paid, due end of June.

Correspond with treasurer about mailings of intent and voucher.

2)  Provide the names of the winners along with the title of their project, school name and teacher to:  STANYS Western Section Chair- Tim Coughlin – to be used in program book at dinner, Copy Executive Director- to be used at dinner

3)  Consider attending the State Fair- Contact the STANYS State Director-  Peter Plumley.

4)  Write a summary report of the events –Send copy of report to WNYSC Executive Director.

5)  Attend debriefing meeting

6)  Share information with all board members about the outcomes (winners) at the State fair.


If you’d be interested in taking responsible for this position, I have attached the job description   Also, I would work with you this year and provide all the files and documents associated with the responsibility.  The following year you would take on full responsibility.

Submitted by Susan Sullivan

Please contact us through the website if you are interested in becoming a liaison for the WNYRSEF.