March Mini-Conference 2018

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March Mini-Conference 2018 Is a Huge Success!

March 28th Science Educators from around WNY came together for an afternoon of learning at the Buffalo Museum of Science.  

The lobby was filled with vendors and organizations to support science instruction.   Educators had the chance to try out the Van DeGraff machine for a hair raising experience from the NY Power Authority, or meet several animals up close with Buffalo Animal Adventures.  They learned about opportunities for trips to the Buffalo Museum of Science, Herschell Carrousel Museum, Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Perserve, Niagara Parks, and others.  Groups such as Camp Invention, WNY STEM Hub, WNY Science Congress, and Cradle Beach Camp showed off what they can offer students and educators in the community.  The Erie County DEP and WNY Storm Coalition teamed up to share several initiatives to educate and engage the community.

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Multiple workshops were also offered for grade K-12.  Elementary and middle school teachers learned such concepts as using Ozobots to teach coding and its connection to genetic coding for traits from Sandra Small, UB GEM. While high school teachers looked at GENI-ACT with Dr. Stephen Koury to examine the hands-on genomic annotion experiences offered.  Wards Science reviewed OSHA safety regulations to promote safety in the lab, while Penn Dixie took teachers back to the Devonian Period to explore the geological history of WNY.

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Local teachers also led presentations. Karin Cyganovich led Change Just Once Thing teaching how to exlicit questions from students on a focused topic. MaryAnn Bolles and Katie Sugg showed how to use modeling to illustrate how cell communicate.  Cheryl Aldrich lead a group on implementing the Science & Engineering Skills into the Interactive Science Notebook. Medicines and Me was the focus of a workshop led by Leslie Gracz.  The talent in the rooms was well received by everyone who attended. 

The night ended with a high energy raffle!  The winners took home science supplies, STANYS gear, skulls, Ozobots, scholarships, and one lucky winner went home with a wine party at Becker Farms for a group of friends!  You can find a list of winners here.