Welcome to the Western Section of STANYS - the Science Teachers Association of New York State.

The Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) promotes excellence in science education and works with educators and communities to provide opportunities for all students to participate in and learn science. We believe in student-centered education that excites and invites participation by all students. We work to identify and promote exemplary programs and effective teaching practices based on tested research and to model new programs off key findings.

We strive for collaborative/partnership relationships with other professional and community organizations to build strong communication networks that are maintained through newsletters, telecommunications, and other publications.

The Western Section serves teachers and students in Erie and Wyoming Counties. We welcome all teachers Pre-K through college level, and preservice teachers.




What will STANYS membership mean for you?

  • Networking with innovative educators locally and statewide
  • Updates on current news and resources for NYSSLS
  • Access to science specific professional development opportunities and discounts on conference

March Mini-Conference

Views from our recent conference!  Visit the blog to learn more about this fantastic event.